Right Carries Responsibility

Right carries responsibility, no matter what you believe is your right, it carries responsibility with it.

I believe that if you choose to smoke, drink and do drugs and have the money to do those things, then I feel that you should take responsibility for your medical care as well as your housing and bills. If you can afford to do these things as a homeless person then you are able to pay for food, shelter and medical care.

Yes, I am a Christian! There is a limit to what I will help you do! I will not fund your smoking, drug, alcohol or sex habits. I expect you to make an effort at taking care of yourself and to respect those who do.

If you are not willing to make an effort at taking care of yourself, and respect those who are helping you and others, then you do not need to stop by this house.

I am willing to help those who are having trouble finding a job, need rest and restoration of the Spirit, Soul and Body. I am here to help you find the path to your restoration and healing. That means when you come through the doors you are here to change the circumstances of your life and that means surrendering everything to Jesus Christ. Not part of it, ALL OF IT!

It is time to face the truth and stop the entitlements. Take responsibility for your actions and turn your life around. We are not responsible for the choices that you make.

You know that something brought you to this door and when you step through, there is going to be a change whether you accept it or not. Your life will be forever changed and will never be the same.

So think about your choices. Are they driving you away from peace and happiness with Jesus Christ? Are they taking you to misery and darkness?

My Prayer is that you will choose to come to Jesus Christ and begin living again.

About George

I am conservative, man of God, and I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and my Savior. A USN Veteran,
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