In My Father’s Arms

George McFatridge
April 27, 1995

When the world seems to close in on me,
And all about me is in turmoil.
I run to my Father and I crawl upon His knee,
I lay my head upon His shoulder,
And let my tears flow, and my heartache be known.

He holds me gently in His loving arms.
Quietly, lovingly He reassures me,
As He tenderly wipes away my tears.
My Father chases away my frustration and fears.

His touch heals my broken heart and spirit.
My heart soars with joy just to know,
That I am safe in My Father’s arms.

As He reassures me of His love,
I know that no matter what happens to me
My Father is always there, waiting for me
With open arms and love in His heart.

With Love my Father corrects me when I am wrong.
When He chastises me,
He shows me why and where I am wrong.
Yet, every time He corrects me,
It is with love and tenderness.

When I cry, He shares my tears.
When I hurt, He shares my pain.
When I am happy, He shares my joy.
Yes, My Father loves me,
He tells me so every day.

Come with me my little brothers and sisters,
Join me with our Father,
Climb upon His knee,
And lay your head upon His shoulder.
Share your tears with Him.
Share your fears with Him.
Share your joy with Him.
Share your love with Him.

Let Him heal you with His loving touch.
Come my little brothers and sisters,
Rest in our Father’s Arms.

About George

I am conservative, man of God, and I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and my Savior. A USN Veteran,
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