It is time for the establishment Republicans to get off their backsides and do what is right for the American people. WE THE PEOPLE are funding all the programs they have voted on, not the government. The government has no money of its own and needs to buckle up, and cut spending.

  1. Shut down all Czars and the offices they run, they are a waste of money and are not answerable to the people,
  2.  Every agency that is listed as a government agency needs their budget and regulation ability taken away so they cannot make laws. That is the responsibility of the congress.
  3.  Dissolve the department of Education, it should be left to the parents and each school district to establish their education programs not the government, PARENTS need to be involved in their children’s education, not the Government. The school board needs to be accountable to the parents.
  4.  Health Department needs to be pared down, Each State, and municipality should be responsible to the needs of the community not the Federal Government. they can’t even take care of themselves. Right now the Fed makes the states hand out welfare and medicine. I know that each county collects taxes for a public hospital.  Health care is not denied to anyone.
  5.  Dissolve all duplicate agencies, Like Homeland Security, ATF, DEA and combine them under one roof. There are too many redundant agencies that are doing the job they are mandated to do, and too many people contradicting each other. We have a Justice Dept and the FBI,
  6. Dissolve the Department of Agriculture, or reduce its size and authority, it is supposed to help the farming industry not kill it. These things should be turned back over to the communities, county, state and local government. DOA can make suggestions, but don’t come in and try to run rough shod over the people who pay your wages.
  7.  I would do away with the EPA, or reduce it to where it cannot make law or regulation. It is a runaway agency that is killing all job creation because no one is riding herd on it. This too should be on the state and local government with the people of the community having the final say. AGAIN WE THE PEOPLE PAY FOR THESE PROGRAMS not the government
  8.  The Department of Energy, another waste of money, they have regulated us to the point where we are losing money and jobs, they need to be pared down, and have their budget slashed by 80%. WE THE PEOPLE FINANCE THE WHOLE THING.
  9.  I would have every Congressman, government Employee, take a 50% pay cut and limit people serving in public office to two terms in any public office. I would also have all Government Employee’s and congressmen, Ambassadors also participate in Social Security and Medicare, any health Care programs they wish to have other than those they must pay for themselves.
  10.  I would give the Military, all serving members on active duty, a 60% increase in pay. They deserve it more than the congressmen and government Workers, as they lay their lives on the line protecting your freedom.
  11. I would repeal OBAMA CARE and all the appointments made since 2008
  12. Open the Keystone pipeline; allow drilling in the Gulf and on our soil.
  13. I would shut down welfare, It is not the responsibility of the Government to provide welfare payments to those who don’t work or can’t. It is not the government’s money in the first place; second these programs should be on the community level not Federal.
  14. I would take the Labor Relations board back, they have no authority to tell a company where they can do business or who they can do business with; the unions have overstepped themselves and are acting like the Brown shirts of the Nazi Regime they too need to be shut down.
  15. I would dismantle the Federal Reserve Bank, it is not a government office, it is a private enterprise. Again the money belongs to the People, WE THE PEOPLE foot the bill.
  16. I would dismantle the IRS and institute a flat tax of 10% on everybody. That will solve the problem of paying all those salaries to a bully agency and reduce the cost of government. Plus that would eliminate all the cumbersome regulations and paper work, 10% of your wages earned is easy enough to figure.
  17. Public Unions, government Employee’s unions, I dissolve them; they don’t do anything for the employee except take their money and cause trouble. Unions were formed to help the employ, now they bully the employees and have an agenda of their own.


I served this country in the Military, and it is time that they Understand that WE THE PEOPLE not the government, make this nation what it is and what it stands for.


About George

I am conservative, man of God, and I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and my Savior. A USN Veteran,
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