We Chose This Outcome By Our VOTE!

The World is exactly what we have allowed it to become.
It begins by compromising the Word of God, our faith and our principals. We allow these things to happen by being complacent and not watching the sleight of hand.

Every voter who voted is just as responsible as the politicians, we allow them to get away with this travesty and many are rewarded for being cheats and crooks, and it is in both parties. We fail to educate ourselves about the people who want to represent us. We don’t check to see where their loyalty resides.

Do they represent the People or the Lobby?

Our Senators and Congressmen should represent us, We the People who pay their Salary. They are there to insure that we are protected from foreign governments and our own government. Not the Lobbyists or the special interest groups.

So far every cabinet member and member of this administration, Congress and Senate, as well as many in the Military hierarchy have violated their oath. They are traitors to the People who pay their Salaries.

They fail to protect the Citizens from tyranny and deprive them of their Constitutional rights on a daily basis. They do not enforce the Federal Laws as written, and they write laws to deprive the Citizens their rights and protection, while giving away our country to our enemies.

It is not just the Republicans, Democrats or Communists, it is every Politician vying for public office and a chance to rake in the billions in bribes, Lobbyist’s funds, special interest bribes and just steal directly from the people through fraud and mismanagement.

Those who stood by their oath have been fired by the current administration, or they are the target of a media blitz designed to destroy them.

We need to return to our first Love the Word of God.  Do not compromise the Word of God, Our principals or faith. Stop being selfish and hear the Holy Spirit.  Make the Lord your God number one in your life.

About George

I am conservative, man of God, and I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and my Savior. A USN Veteran,
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