The Great Lie – One World Government

There is the great lie of one world government, Hitler tried to establish that kind of system, One world government is the same anywhere, it is a tyranny. History is strewn with many wrecks of failed attempts, the one who came the closest was Alexander the Great.

No matter what happens when government gets so big it tends to forget that they need people and in that lapse they abuse the people and steal everything they have including their liberty.

The only true Liberty we have is through Jesus Christ our Savior. The only truth is Jesus Christ, He doesn’t steal from us nor does he lie to us. He loves us.

The only thing the government and politicians cares about is power and money They have never cared about the people.  They only use them as slaves.

About George

I am conservative, man of God, and I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and my Savior. A USN Veteran,
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