Modern Technology – Cell Phones ?

With all the cell phones today you would think that service would improve with the competition, however in some areas they have fallen way below the bar.

It seems that the cell phone companies are so big that they have about 20- 200 people that you have to talk to before you even come close to knowing what happened to your service, phone replacement and or repair.

In the Last two weeks I have spent and average of 45 minutes on hold per call, talked with at least a dozen people and still don’t know if they are going to warranty the phone. They said the would and now the phone is lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle of the Cell phone company and again we are saddled with another 3-5 day wait just to see if they actually sent the phone.

This is not good business because while the phone is lost in the abyss of the warehouse receiving and shipping department I had to purchase another one to salvage the minutes that I had purchased for the original phone. More money down the drain.

So say what you will, I don’t trust any of the companies anymore. This has happened with them all, and none are exempt.

So if my phone quits working it is because they can’t find it, and I have returned to the old fashioned way of calling, smoke signal, tomato can and string, or email on computer, wait there is still carrier pigeon, I might be able to find a Pony Express rider, or maybe a note attached to an arrow.

By the way the guy was right about the I pad never replacing paper … I can’t see us having a roll of Ipads in the bathroom.

About George

I am conservative, man of God, and I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and my Savior. A USN Veteran,
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